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CLES Key to next-generation security

CLES is a next-generation integrated access management solution based on AI (artificial intelligence),
Mobile, IoT, and the Cloud, the keywords of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

* CLES(Creative Leading Enterprise Solution) : an “enterprise solution leading innovative changes.”

Key services

Reinforced security

Reinforced security

  • Prevents illegal use of stolen employee cards.
  • Uses biometrics to reinforce security in key areas.
  • Prevents information leaks by controlling visitors’ mobile devices.
  • If your smartphone is lost, you can remotely delete mobile employee cards.
  • Prevents information leaks by blocking visitors’ mobile devices.
Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency

  • Improves server efficiency via cloud service.
  • Server rooms are not necessary for individual companies.
  • Reduces the workload of employee/visitor card issuance.
  • Simple visit application/approval/access processes.
Improved convenience

Improved convenience

  • Simplifies the employee card issuance process and shortens the issuance period.
  • Reduces the inconvenience of wearing employee cards.
  • Reduces the time required for access when F-Pass walk-through is operated.
Reduced costs

Reduced costs

  • Reduces the initial server investment cost
  • Provides various services for the same cost
  • Reduces employee card issuance costs
Components of the service
Components of the service
    • A visitor applies for a visit
    • An Employee applies for M-Pass issuance
  1. CLES manager
  2. app install text msg is sent, the it's installed on the mobile devide
    1. V-Pass mobile web
    2. V-Pass
    1. M-Pass App
    2. M-Pass
  3. visit
  4. Register the face F-Pass Register
  1. VDL and MDM are activated
    1. VDL
    2. *Block mobile devices
    1. MDM
    2. *Block mobile devices
    1. F-PASS (Reader, Gate, Walkthrough)
    2. Entrance
    3. Workplace
    4. Exit
  2. BLE Scanner
  3. Access & location information Safety Scan
    1. Cancel VDL, Delete V-Pass
    1. Cancel MDM
Product description

F-PASS is an access security service which enables fast and convenient access with face recognition.

  • F-PASS 리더

    F-PASS reader

    • An indoor reader that provides a high-performance facial recognition access even in a low-light environment.
  • F-PASS 등록기

    F-PASS register

    • A device that supports swift face registration by taking photographs from various angles at the same time.
  • F-PASS 게이트

    F-PASS gate

    • Gate for lobby security that uses long-distance facial recognition technology
  • F-PASS 워크스루

    F-Pass walk-through

    • A doorless gate that utilizes long-distance facial recognition technology.

M-PASS is an access security service that enables convenient access through mobile employee cards.

  • M-Pass


    • Improved convenience of use
    • Enhanced operational efficiency
    • Reinforced security

V-PASS is a visitor access security service for booking visits, issuing mobile passes and blocking of mobile devices.

  • 임직원 사용 시스템

    Systems used by employees

    • V-Pass internal portal
  • 방문객 사전 신청 시스템

    Visitor advance application system

    • Visitor booking system (PC and mobile)
  • 방문객 모바일

    Visitor mobile pass

    • Mobile pass for visitors (app download)

Safety Scan is a safety environment solution that assists employees’ evacuation and checks their safety in an emergency.

  • 일반 버전

    Standard version

    • Checks for stay-behinds
    • Sends text messages
  • 플러스 버전

    Plus version

    • Standard version functions + detailed location data
    • BLE tag and scanner

CLES is recommended for the following places.

Workplaces for which you want to increase security and convenience as there are many visitors

Buildings that you want to operate using various access methods

Buildings for which you want to manage visitors efficiently