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Overview There is a security solution that
is just right for each facility.
S-1 will find this solution.

The best security is custom-designed security.
Only S-1 promises a perfect security service with its world-class capabilities.

What is the security solution business?

We configure the comprehensive solutions for domestic and overseas customers that provide safety and protection of
their large facilities in a way fit for each of their unique needs. We do this by providing specialized services such as
consulting, design and operation that create the values of safety, security and convenience. As a result, we have a
competitive edge not only in Korea, but also in the global security market.

We understand customers
through consulting.


We protect our customers’ businesses by designing the best security plan which often identifies and closes the security loopholes that they had not yet realized.

Through high-reliability risk analysis using 89 professional security diagnosis methodologies and 3D simulation based on S-1’s 40 years of experience, we propose the best solution compared to system standards for each security grade and global references.

We solve security problems
through analysis
and application of experts.


S-1’s special solution package will devise the best security solution.

We devise the best video and access solutions with our own technologies, and seek out any solution available in the world and provide it in the most appropriate form. S-1’s solutions have no limits, e.g. large production lines, plants, airports, ports and national defense facilities.

We provide safety
through engineering.


Reliable engineering security that can handle both small and large scale projects.

We provide and practice security through national defense and major civilian projects as well as various projects of affiliates of large corporations in Korea. We provide the best engineering, including the best construction and methodologies in security.

Business process

To provide the best solutions for our customers’ facilities, we provide a Full Service Line-Up: from
professional consulting to precision design, economical procurement, high-quality construction and stable maintenance.

01 Consulting

01 Consulting

  • Security threats are identified through site inspection and environment analysis by professionals.
    - S-1’s proprietary security diagnosis methodologies and checklists are used.
  • The best solution is devised compared to system standards for each security grade and global references.

* Major achievements: consulting for oil stockpiles in Korea and consulting for downtown security in Bahrain

02 Engineering

02 Engineering

  • Optimal design based on S-1’s own design methodologies
    - Standard designs for individual business types and standard BOM for each solution are used.
  • The system designs solutions based on global security regulations while taking into account unique situations.
    - HCIS: Saudi security regulation, CICPA: UAE security regulation

* Major achievements: Kuwait KNPC power plant, Singapore LNG terminal

03 Procurement

03 Procurement

  • Collaboration with domestic and overseas partners
    - More than 200 partners in security and communications
  • Purchasing power secured through global bases
    - HQ in Korea, Chinese subsidiaries, UAE, Singapore, etc.

* Major achievements: Roy Hill mine in Australia

04 Construction

04 Construction

  • Local construction pools secured through 7 global bases
    - More than 100 foreign PMs and over 500 partners
  • Compliance with the construction period through systematic process management and quality management

* Major achievements: GOP Scientific Guard System and Samsung Group Seocho Tower

05 Maintenance

05 Maintenance

  • System operation education
  • 24hr call center
    - Support through maintenance organizations and partners
  • Dedicated to Samsung Group security system maintenance
  • Continuous maintenance service for efficient operation
  • Research center’s field support, SW update, etc.
Business areas
Security solution

Security solution

S-1 provides differentiated Total Security Solutions from access management to video monitoring, perimeter detection, and integrated control.

Safety environment solution

Safety environment solution

With the smart video solution, developed by its own research center, S-1 detects various disasters and accidents (e.g. fire and safety accidents) early, and supports preventive activities and ex-post responses.

Communication infrastructure solution

Communication infrastructure solution

S-1 provides communication/network ELV facilities related to the security/safety of customer facilities (e.g. emergency/warning broadcasting, video display system, wired/wireless network equipment).

* ELV : Extra-Low Voltage

Operation support solution

Operation support solution

S-1’s Smart video and sensor technologies improve the efficiency of customers’ operations and enhance business values.

Integrated security

Integrated security

  • S-1 boasts top-notch technology in video processing and facial recognition algorithms.
  • S-1 provides quick customization and proposes reasonable prices through independent technology development.
  • S-1 improves system performance through continuous technology development and strict quality inspection.
Optimal system design

Optimal system design

  • S-1 provides customized risk diagnosis and consulting with professional engineers.
  • The system design is optimized for the environment of each customer facility.
  • Optimized security system operational design minimizes blind spots.
Domestic/overseas construction competency

Domestic/overseas construction competency

  • S-1 has professional construction experience based on many years of construction work at home and abroad.
  • S-1 has the software business license, International Standardization Organization (ISO) certified license.
  • S-1 provides quality assurance and guarantees defect-free construction.
Systematic maintenance

Systematic maintenance

  • S-1 visits sites and take measures via its national service network.
  • S-1 provides technical consulting for long-term improvement of system performance.
  • S-1 provides the latest technologies related to solution upgrade.
Business areas

S-1 provides solutions for a wide variety of requirements (e.g. security, safety and communication) for different types of business, and provides solutions optimized for various industries (e.g. important national facilities, including military facilities, large plants at home and abroad, business buildings, commercial buildings and domestic and overseas airports and ports).

* If you click a business area, you can see the core solutions of S-1.