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Document centralization In the untact age,
From corporate business collaboration to operation and security

S-1 prevents unauthorized leaks of documents and provides a convenient working environment by storing all documents in
the cloud server and managing them integratively.

Key services

File sharing and collaboration

File sharing and collaboration

  • Providing collaboration folders for enterprises, departments, teams and users
  • Managing user authorities by folder
  • Efficient communication through real-time task notification
Log checking and manager authority settings

Log checking and manager authority settings

  • Setting detailed authorities for each user
  • Providing the usage statistics screen
  • Multiple managers
  • Supporting user and manager usage log search
File management and search

File management and search

  • Supporting favorites and tag search
  • Efficient utilization of storage space by removing duplicated documents
  • Managing work file history records and file versions
  • Restoring documents by time and restoring deleted files
Blocking information leaks and approving exporting

Blocking information leaks and approving exporting

  • Blocking and controlling storage of documents in local PCs
  • Centrally managing all documents after transfer to the central server
  • Controlling internal and external access through the IP policy
  • Exporting files through the approval process

Components of the service

Components of the service
  • Implementation of an efficient work environment
    • Collaboration folder & real-time task notification support efficient communication
    • Integrated monitoring from document creation to destruction ensures visibility.
    Reduced data management resources
    Generate, Store, Distribute, Destroy
  • Internal/external security threats blocked
    • Smart office realized regardless of time & place *Telecommuting supported
    • Information leaks blocked by powerful security such as central management, export authorization, etc.
    • Documents turned into assets through integrated management of documents of enterprises
  • Reinforced management of knowledge assets

Document centralization service is recommended for the following customers

Customers who want privatization and to prevent unauthorized leakage of files by controlling them directly

Customers who want to be able to continue to manage documents securely via the cloud server in the event of a ransomware attack

Customers who want to work securely and conveniently even if they have to work from home all of the sudden