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S-1 Taekwondo Team :
aiming for the top
S-1 Taekwondo Team : aiming for the top

Taekwondo, a self-defense martial art, is Korea’s unique traditional martial art that anybody from 5 to 80 years of age can enjoy. Known for its techniques, Taekwondo receives much acclamation and applause from audiences and is a popular sport to over 40 million fans in groups worldwide.

Taekwondo began attracting international attention in the 1970’s after the foundation of the World Taekwondo Federation.This attention greatly increased when it became an Olympic sport at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Founded in 1999, the S-1 Taekwondo team has won gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympics: 2 at the Sydney Olympics, 2 at the Athens Olympics, and 1 at the Beijing Olympics.

S-1 is determined to maintain pride in the birthplace of Taekwondo.