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Social Responsibility
Samsung 3119 Rescue Team,
the first and only civilian emergency
rescue organization in Korea

In October 1995, S-1 founded the Samsung 3119 Rescue Team and gave it cutting-edge equipment and
technology with the aim of contributing to the creation of a safe society by protecting valuable lives and properties.

Samsung 3119 Rescue Team

The Samsung 3119 Rescue Team consists of specially trained rescuers and emergency medical technicians. It is the first and only civilian emergency rescue organization in Korea. The team boasts a plethora of state-of-the-art articles of equipment, including survivor detectors, a dispatch system, advanced medical devices, and first aid supplies. To date, the team has carried out rescue activities at many accident scenes, including the KAL plane crash in Guam, the flooding in Gyeonggi, Gimhae and Gangwon, an earthquake in Taiwan, and the crash of a Chinese civilian aircraft in Gimhae, and has taken civilian volunteer activities to a more professional level.

The 3119 Rescue Team is also working hard to respond and manage disasters, and provide safety education to the general public. The team has been making extraordinary efforts to raise safety awareness among citizens and develop their emergency response skills by providing general safety and first-aid education, education on what to do in an emergency, and firefighting education at daycare centers.