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ESG management

To minimize the future risks of climate change,
S-1 is actively implementing environment-friendly green management.

S-1 is systematically managing environmental data, and efficiently managing energy consumption by reducing the use of unnecessary energy through various activities.

Green management

Management System

In order to minimize the risk of climate change in the future,
S-1 is actively conducting eco-friendly green management.
S-1 is also conducting various environmental protection campaigns
to inform our executives and employees of the importance of environmental protection. S-1 is making eco-friendly changes
by reducing disposable products and encouraging the use of tumblers, while committing to use eco-friendly transportation for short distances.


S-1 has obtained ISO 14001 certification for the International Standard
Environmental Management System, and the scope of this certification
covers the research & development and operation support services of
system security as well as the design, purchase, and construction of
communications/security systems, which is applied to the relevant tasks.

Waste Management

S-1 collects security devices and CCTVs for rental services that customers discard after use, and recycles them through the S-1 Circulation Center.
S-1 recycles more than 1 million devices every year and strives to minimize waste devices by continuously increasing the amount of recycling.

Environmental Education

S-1 is preparing various eco-friendly educational systems for its executives and employees to enhance their environmental management capabilities.

In order to get all executives and employees to recognize the importance of environmental management
and to foster eco-friendly minds, S-1 provides mandatory education and training annually.
S-1 provides a commissioned education program in order to comply with the ISO 14001 international
standard, and also prepare an internal examiner training program to prepare for internal and external