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Vaccine/ransomware/DB encryption Leave server security to S-1 as well!

S-1 protects data in the server from malicious codes and ransomware, which flows into the server, and safely manages data
through DB encryption.

Key services

Server vaccine

Server vaccine

The vaccine service exclusively for servers detects and cures viruses and malicious codes flowing into the server.

Server anti-ransomware

Server anti-ransomware

The ransomware protection service exclusively for servers detects and blocks ransomware flowing into the server, and uses the automatic backup function to safely protect the data in the server.

DB encryption

DB encryption

The database security service can directly encrypt database files by encrypting the kernel, and control file access.

Server security service is recommended for the following customers

Safe protection of servers and databases

Customers who want to prevent information leakage and exposure through server security

It meets the legal requirements related to personal information protection.

Customers who want to meet the requirements for measures to ensure the safety of personal information

It enhances reliability by reinforcing the information protection system .

Customers who want to enhance reliability and image by implementing a thorough security system