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ESG management

All employees of S-1 are making a happy corporate culture so that employee satisfaction can lead to customer satisfaction.

S-1 is creating a comfortable and healthy working environment through regular health exams and stress management program for all employees.
S-1 is also making efforts for them to fulfill their potential by extending the basic employee training and job-specific training.

Work environment

Education Programs for Improving Employee’s

In order to foster the best experts and next-generation leaders for each field, S-1 has established advanced educational infrastructure,
such as a high-tech security comprehensive training center, Blue Asset Technology Education Center, S-1 Bike School, and Blue Asset Cleaning
Education Center to provide customized education based at its HR Development Center.

Classification Unit 2018 2019 2020
Number of attendees Collective Training/Camp Training/Live Number 33,028 22,140 5,461
E-learning 23,035 28,299 12,258
Sum 56,063 50,439 17,719
Training days per person Days 9.2 7.8 2.7
Training hours per person Hours 74 62.4 21.6

Programs to support Retirement and Career Change

Since 2013, S-1 has established and operated a career consulting center to provide a stable second life for executives and
employees who have retired or are scheduled to retire.
S-1 operates life-design education, programs for returning to farming and rural areas, and special financial lectures for middle-aged executives
and employees, and support stable social settlement after their retirement by providing the retirees with job transfer counseling and
recruitment information.

Operation of Psychological Counselling Center

S-1 established the Psychological Counselling Center “Heart Sharing Center” in 2008 to treat its executives and employees’ mental health and create a lively working environment, providing about 4,200 consultations annually (as of 2021).
The S-1 Heart Sharing Center aims to strengthen the competitiveness of human resources and enhance the sustainability of the Company through various psychological counseling programs that address the needs of executives and employees and utilize the nature of the Company.
S-1 operates various psychological counselling programs such as ‘Career Coaching’, ‘Happy Life Emotional Coaching’, ‘Couple Live Plus’,
‘Age-Customized Child Care Program’, etc., and provide communication workshops for each department/class, education on how to respond to and
recover from stress, etc., and useful information through the mailing service related to mental health and self-leadership.

Healthy Organization Culture

S-1 runs various programs to balance work and life, create a culture of mutual respect within the organization, and create a happy workplace.

Pursuing work
&life balance
S-1 maximizes work efficiency and realizes smart working by introducing a work system in which
executives and employees adjust their working hours according to their job characteristics and
S-1 organizes and operates educational programs so that its executives and employees can recognize the
importance of compliance and legal compliance and substantially practice compliance.
of maternity
S-1 practices maternity protection through various types of systematic support, such as adjusting working
hours and providing a childbirth congratulatory allowance.
In particular, S-1 is supporting work-family balance by introducing perinatal leave, parental leave, spouse
maternity leave, and family care leave.
In order to guarantee employees' work-family balance, S-1 has prepared welfare systems such as
congratulations and condolences allowances, welfare points, health checkups, children's school expenses,
housing loans, medical expenses, and recreation centers to help our executives and employees have a
healthy life and get suitable rest.