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Commercial Buildings Commercial buildings
with many visitors
need customized security solutions!

To reinforce security and keep customer convenience,
S-1 presents optimized solutions, such as smart video monitoring,
parking management and product theft prevention systems.

Components of the solution
Components of the solution
Video monitoring and integrated control
Smart video monitoring
UHD IP camera system
Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
Intrusion detection (inside shopping malls)
Indoor/Outdoor unmanned intrusion detection sensors
Product theft prevention system
Operation support (inside shopping malls)
Asset management
Energy-saving fog system
Unmanned goods rental system
Indoor navigation
Access management (entrance to the parking lot)
Access management system for important facilities
Biometric access authentication
Smart parking management system
Key solutions
Video monitoring and integrated control Video monitoring and integrated control
  • Smart video monitoring

    The Smart Video Management System (SVMS) provides high performance smart video monitoring and situational recognition functions with unmatched operational efficiency.

  • UHD IP camera system

    Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) consisting of UHD IP cameras, 360º HD fisheye cameras, and Wide View High Definition cameras (WVHD).

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

    The PSIM software platform analyzes the situations of heterogeneous systems, makes judgments and solves anomalies.

Operation support Operation support
  • Asset management

    Provides integrated management of various facilities/equipment in the building, and management of the history of installation, failures and measures taken.

  • Energy-saving fog system

    Improves cooling efficiency using a spray system to evaporate heat and thus save energy.

  • Unmanned goods rental system

    Uses membership card/mobile devices for unmanned rental of safes, lockers and strollers.

  • Indoor navigation

    Uses location recognition to provide directions, emergency notification, and information on evacuation.

Intrusion detection Intrusion detection
  • In/Out Door Intrusion sensor

    Infrared sensors, magnetic sensors, heat ray sensors, UWB sensor, etc.

  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

    Passive EAS (400, 900Mhz), Active EAS (13.56Mhz) dome-type fisheye lens IP cameras

Access management Access management
  • Access management systems for key facilities

    Access management for up to 128 doors using only one controller, and registration for up to 200,000 visitors

  • Biometric access authentication

    Face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, and multiple biometric solutions

  • Smart parking management system

    Visitor video monitoring, parking space monitoring, license plate number recognition, parking lot emergency alarms, and unattended parking payment


M-Park Mall

M-Park Mall (Used car showroom and stores)

Samsung C&T
Solutions provided
Access control, video surveillance, parking control, public address system, CATV, information kiosk, integrated wiring
Scope of work
Consulting, design support, installation, maintenance
Shinsegae Department Store

Shinsegae Department Store (Dongdaegu Intermodal Transfer Center)

Shinsegae Department Store
Solutions provided
Video surveillance, access control and intelligent video analysis