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Personal Security Phone S-1 Ansim mobile will
make you feel at ease
as if it were always next to you.

Ansim mobile is the mobile communication service brand of S-1.
It is especially applicable for children and senior citizens.

What is Ansim service?
Personal security service

Personal security service

24 hours a day, 365 days a year dispatch service
Ansim service between family members

Ansim service between family

Check the location of your child on their
way home or to school!
Daily notification service for parents
(Good morning alarm and movement
detection alarm)
Harmful contents blocking service

Harmful contents blocking

Blocks children’s access to pornography
and manages Internet use time!
Personal security

If you press the emergency bell, the S-1
control center will check your location and
dispatch a patrol car.

  • Step1

    A crisis occurs

  • Step2

    Request dispatch

  • Step3

    Emergency dispatch

Promise with mom

Child Ansim service can block children’s
access to harmful sites, and limit their
smartphone use time.

  • Step1

    Parents block harmful

  • Step2

    Children access a
    harmful site

  • Step3

    Harmful site is blocked

Features of the service

S-1’s own differentiated security service

S-1’s own differentiated security service

24-hour emergency dispatch!
Even manages children’s Internet use!
Reliable call quality

Reliable call quality

SKT / KT / LGU+'s excellent call quality!
Customized MVNO plans

Customized MVNO plans

Reduces phone bills with MVNO plans!
Inquiries on Ansim
mobile subscription
  • KT network(paid)

    1544 – 3112
  • SKT network(paid)

    1599 – 7114
  • LGU+ network(paid)

    1522 - 7498
  • Inquiries on Ansim mobile
    service opening (paid)

    1800 - 1572