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ESG management

As a company delivering safety and security to our society, S-1 put ‘field safety’ as its top priority.

S-1 is doing its best to protect the safety of all employees and customers, including its vendors, by creating a field-oriented safe environment while continuously improving the safety management system.

Safety & Health

Safety & Health Policy

S-1 continues to improve the safety management system according to
the safety and health policy, while making S-1's best efforts to protect
the safety of all executives and employees as well as customers,
including business partners, by creating a field-oriented safety


S-1 has obtained ISO 45001, an international standard safety & health
management system certification, and applied it to the research &
evelopment and operation support services of system security as well as
the design, purchase, and construction of communications/security

Safety Audits

S-1 conducts safety audits to improve the safety performance of its workplace on a regular basis. Inspections of equipment, tools, and dispatched
vehicles are carried out, depending on the nature of each business unit.

Safety & Health Education

S-1 provides training so that all executives and employees can have the knowledge necessary for safety and apply it in the field.

Subject Cycle Target Remark
Safety awareness training
for executives/team leaders
Semi-annual Executives,
team leaders
Inviting professional instructors,
the Serious Accident Punishment Act, etc.
Safety awareness training
for managers
Semi-annual Group leader Spreading accident cases, etc.
Professional training for
persons in charge
Monthly Safety manager Targeting corporate safety managers
Online letter Monthly All executives and
Accident prevention, safety measures, etc.
Online test Semi-annual All executives and
Online test
Customer response
Annual All executives and
Guidance for each different situation