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Property Management(PM) Great potential value of real estate!
S-1 Blue Asset PM will find it for you.

The value of real estate may vary depending on who manages it and
howS-1 will maximize profits with the premium service of the best asset
management professionals in the industry.

What is PM (Property Management) service?

S-1 provides services optimized for the characteristics of real estate to maximize the value of customers’ real estate value.

Budget expenditure
and adjustment

Lease management

Plans to improve
building operating income

Managing real estate
management risk

Managing contracts, taxes
and construction

Features of the service

Abundant experience and know-how

Abundant experience and know-how

S-1 uses its 50 years of real estate service to provide reliable building solutions for customers as well as energy efficiency and building security systems.

Correct market analysis

Correct market analysis

S-1 creates performance by continuously collecting information and correctly analyzing the market.

Differentiated professional competencies

Differentiated professional competencies

S-1 has the best asset management professionals in the industry with certified professional qualifications, such as CPA, CCIM and CPM, and it is implementing a customized service system based on its 1,700 building DBs around the country.

Key services

Business management

  • Establishing annual real estate management plans, analyzing market environment and establishing response strategies
  • Managing the real estate NOI of customers, and annual sales/profits

Lease management

  • Estimating annual expected vacancies, establishing rental income plans, and managing lease contracts and use situation and contracts
  • Managing rental income and walk-in customers

Financial management

  • Calculating/charging rents, and managing outstanding and overdue rents
  • Managing costs by type (repair costs, water and utility costs, management costs, and public charges and taxes, e.g. property taxes and transportation inducement charges)