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Overview S-1 proposes differentiated
customized total real estate service
based on various experiences and
expert knowledge.

S-1’s differentiated total real estate service provides various one-stop services
according to the life cycle of buildings.

01 Investment consulting

01 Investment consulting

  • Asset analysis, market research
  • Legal review
  • Establishing investment strategies
  • Executing and managing businesses
  • Establishing operating strategies
02 Technical consulting

02 Technical consulting

  • Establishing FM strategies, and improving design
  • Implementing management and operating systems
  • FM management consulting, asset due diligence
  • Remodeling diagnosis
03 Property Management

03 Property Management

  • Establishing asset management strategies and management plans /building management reports
  • Managing building owners/tenants
  • Lease management and CRM activities
  • Managing public charges and taxes/licenses
04 Analysis and improvement of building infrastructure

04 Analysis and
improvement of

  • Energy analysis
  • High-efficiency energy equipment/installation
  • Verification of energy-saving performance
05 Energy management system (BEMS)

05 Energy management system (BEMS)

  • Monitoring energy information
  • Automatically diagnosing equipment failures and improving operations
  • Managing multiple building together (group management)
06 Facility Mangement

06 Facility Mangement

  • Establishing management plans
  • Operating and maintaining facilities
  • Cleaning/parking/information/energy/safety management
  • Evaluating workplace quality, and providing service education
07 Lease consulting

07 Lease consulting

  • Lease environment analysis
  • Calculating appropriate tents
  • Investigating potential tenants
  • Investigating optimal lease properties
  • Securing lease deposit bonds
08 Purchase/sale consulting

08 Purchase/sale consulting

  • Analyzing assets and properties, and establishing sales strategies
  • Marketing support and ex-post management

S-1 BLUE ASSET Total Solution

Real estate management

Real estate management

S-1 provides asset values through professional consulting and differentiated systems.

Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting

S-1 provides customized professional consulting.

Premium space management in the new normal age,
Blue Asset smart space management solution

S-1 BLUE ASSET provides total real estate services
from investment consulting, purchase/sale consulting,
technical consulting and lease consulting to
Property Management, Facility Management and
energy infrastructure business.
S-1 will capitalize on its experience in various projects
to systematically analyze customer needs and propose
total real estate service optimized for asset
management, and thus increase customer satisfaction.

S-1 Blue Asset