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PC-OFF The PC-OFF solution efficiently manages working hours and ensures work-life balance by controlling and recording PC usage.

It is a work management solution that ensures the work-life balance of employees by turning PC on/off and recording and
managing overtime and reducing excessive work.

Key services

Controlling and recording PC usage

Controlling and recording PC usage

  • Controlling and recording PC usage based on flexible work of users (flex-time work/ flexible working hours /alternative work schedule)
  • Controlling PC usage on certain dates and days of the week
Limit and approval management

Limit and approval management

  • Managing weekly/monthly PC usage limit
  • Managing user applications and department head authorization (approval/return)
  • Settings and inquiries by authority
Mobile and telecommuting mode

Mobile and telecommuting mode

  • Using the mobile app to manage commute
  • Supporting telecommuting mode (organizing working hours without turning off PCs)
SECOM access attendance system interface

SECOM access attendance system interface

  • Integrated management of access records and PC usage records through links to the SECOM attendance manager

PC-OFF service is recommended for the following customers

Compliance with legal working hours

Customers who want to record and manage working hours as shorter working hours were legalized

Managing time by managing limits

Customers who want to reduce
costs and improve manpower
management efficiency by
managing overtime

Improving the working culture

Customers who want to provide a working environment for helping
the culture of leaving work on
time take root