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Facility Management (FM) Your building can be born again with the best building solution.

As facility management professionals maintains the physical conditions of the building, and
manage environment, safety and energy, this service maximizes the value of the building.

What is FM (Facility Management) service?

S-1 provides professional FM service based on its accumulated know-how and technology.
It introduced an advanced management technique based on the Life Cycle Cost analysis, and optimally manages building maintenance, risks and facilities, cleaning and security, thereby increasing the satisfaction level of both real estate owners and tenants.

Building maintenance,
risk management and facilities



Features of the service

Differentiated professional competency

Differentiated professional competency

S-1 is providing services at the level of global leaders through its more than 700 FM technology professionals, who have over 1,100 technical qualifications, and professional diagnosis equipment.

System-based business management

System-based business management

To enhance global standardized service quality, S-1 is providing system-based business management services like the FMS and BIMS safety environment system.

Special services by type

Special services by type

S-1 can provide special services for offices, factories, research institutes, hospitals, training centers, retail and residences.

Key services

Facility management and operation

  • Operation, monitoring and inspection of electric and air-conditioning facilities, elevators and boilers
  • Air and water quality measurement

Construction management

  • Improving building functions by establishing and executing systematic construction plans
  • Improvement of construction quality and safety compliance through thorough construction/site management

Environment and cleaning management

  • Removing dust in the building and disposing of garbage and wastes
  • Management the landscape in and outside of the building and quarantine and insect control

Security management

  • Monitoring and patrolling vulnerable and key areas
  • Managing and controlling approaching persons/vehicles/articles

Information and parking management

  • Building information for tenants and visitors
  • Vehicle guidance, parking information and parking lot operation

Safety/energy management

  • Inspecting the safety of various facilities and building safety management infrastructure
  • Establishing optimal energy consumption standards and energy-saving plans