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Video conferencing/remote control A video conferencing and remote
control solution for remote work and telecommuting in the untact age

S-1 provides an easy video conferencing solution through the web browser (Chrome) without installing a separate program,
and a remote access solution that makes it possible to connect to devices in other locations (PCs, mobile and unmanned
devices) from user devices (PCs and mobile devices), and control and manage them in real time.

Key services

Video conferencing

Video conferencing

  • Web-based video conferencing(no separate software needs to be installed)
  • Inviting non-members to meetings (up to 100 attendees)
  • Presentation through file and screen sharing
  • Keeping AI minutes and recording the screen in real time
  • Meeting scheduling and reservation/sharing function
  • Mobile app support (Android, iOS smartphone, tablet)
  • Managing video conferencing through the management site
    * Providing a dashboard, e.g. video conferencing statistics, history and user management
Remote control

Remote control

  • Controlling multiple monitors remotely (1:1, 1:N screen batch control)
  • Supporting various devices and operating systems
    * Device: PCs, smartphones, tablets, ATMs and kiosks
    * OS: Win, MAC, Android and iOS
  • Managing remote control through the management site
    * Managing the grouping of multiple users/heterogeneous devices
    * Giving manager authorities to each group
    * Controlling remote access by setting designated places/devices/time
    * Registering processes/systems/URLs that cannot be used remotely
    * Setting remotely controlled PC screen/keyboard/mouse lock

Video conferencing/remote control service is recommended for the following customers

Customers who want to implement a safe remote working environment

* Video conferencing: encrypted transmission of communication sections and storage of encrypted data
* Remote control: password security settings and 2-step authentication, and remotely controlled PC screen/keyboard/mouse lock

Customers who want to support various devices and operating systems

* Video conferencing: PCs, mobile devices and tablets (Win, MAC, Android, and iOS)
* Remotely controlled PC,s mobile devices, tablets, ATMs and kiosks (Win, MAC, Android and iOS)