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ESG management

S-1 will perform its social roles and responsibilities by practicing compliance management process to operate our business guided by the laws and regulations.

Since introducing the compliance management process in all parts of the company, S-1 has been making it clear that compliance awareness is the foundation of its business and decision-making process by providing employees with compliance policies and improving systems.


Operation of Compliance Management System

S-1 establishes and operates a compliance system and a legal information system as a compliance management system
that can support compliance activities of its executives and employees.

Legal Information System

S-1 supports the prevention of possible violations of laws and
regulations that may occur when executives and employees carry out
their duties.

Compliance System

It provides data related to compliance management, such as regulations,
manuals, and codes of conduct for compliance, and serves as a channel
for inquiries and reports on any risks.

Activities for Enhancing the Awareness of Ethics and Compliance Management

for report of
S-1 prohibits its employees from contacting competitors. S-1 prevents employees from colluding or
being mistaken for colluding by requiring them to report any contact with a competitor to the system, if
they inevitably come into contact with any competitor's executives and employees.
S-1 organizes and operates educational programs so that its executives and employees can recognize
the importance of compliance and legal compliance and substantially practice compliance.
S-1 is making efforts to manage risks by periodically conducting compliance checks to prevent non-
compliance risks in advance and establishing information sharing and prevention measures for any
Provision of
All matters related to violations of the Code of Conduct or acts of retaliation against whistle blowers
(harassment, discrimination, unfair behavior, etc.), shall be reported. S-1 shall maintain the anonymity of
whistle blowers, and in the event that an act of retaliation on whistle blowers is exposed, strict measures
will be taken. The problem identified by a whistleblower shall be fairly investigated and a solution will be