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S-1 launches a smart building management solution 'Blue Scan'
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Total security solution provider S-1 (CEO Noh Hee-chan) announced that the company launched a smart building management solution, naming 'Blue Scan,’which combined the sensor technology and building management know-how, on September 29.

Blue Scan is a smart building management solution that can remotely check for abnormalities by installing IoT-based sensors in major facilities of buildings.

◇ A smart building management solution featuring the sensing, control, and IT technology

When an abnormality occurs in a building, 'Blue Scan,’ the smart building management solution launched by S-1, detects it by using the ‘sensors’ installed in the key facilities of the building.

The abnormalities detected through the sensors can be monitored by the 'control center,' and as it notifies customers immediately, real-time responses are possible. As customers can remotely control air conditioners, heaters, lighting equipment, and the like through a dedicated app, efficient building management is possible.

The important technologies in the smart building management solution are sensor and control technologies and operating know-how. S-1, No. 1 in the security industry, has state-of-the-art sensor technology that has been accumulated over a period of 44 years.

S-1 also implemented the integrated security control center and has experience in operating various control services such as intrusion, vehicles, and information security. Coupled with 60 years of building management service, the smart building management solution is expected to create great synergies.

As the REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) market is growing in recent years, interest in revenues from building management is increasing. The proportion of labor costs was high as the staffs were on duty 24 hours a day.

But as IoT sensors replace the monitoring manpower in Blue Scan, labor costs are reduced. Also, it is possible to schedule the facility operating hours through IoT technology, and as it can also be operated remotely, energy savings can be expected.

As the reduced operating costs are passed on to the investors, it is expected that Blue Scan will draw attention from many REITs management companies.

◇ A global ICT trend, 'smart building'… Its market is continuously expanding

According to a market research institute called 'Market and Market,' the global smart building market is forecast to grow to the tune of $108.9 billion (about KRW130.68 trillion) in 2025. Related markets are continuously growing.

But the domestic smart building market is still in its infancy. Smart building management is expanding with focus on new apartments, but only a handful of 480,000 large buildings around the country have introduced the smart building management solution. According to S-1's own investigation, it is forecast that there are more than 90,000 buildings in Seoul alone that can introduce smart building management.
S-1 is planning to continuously expand its penetration into the smart

building market by launching Blue Scan, and maintain the upward momentum of the building management business. The company plans to expand the market to universities, public institutions and large apartment complexes as well as existing large buildings, and as the burden of labor costs has been reduced, it will also expand the service to small and medium-sized five-story buildings.

Meanwhile, S-1's building management service is growing every year, and the company recorded a turnover of KRW600 billion in the building management business last year. It is continuously growing.

"By launching Blue Scan, we created a new paradigm of building management service which combined our building management know-how with the state-of-the-art sensor technology of security service," said S-1. "We will become the No. 1 company in the building management business with a super gap by continuously expanding the market."