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Title S-1 carries out ‘4th Da-Ring Relief Campaign’ for crime victims.
Upload Date 11-13-2017

“Your small step will help promise a brighter future for victims of crime.”

The total security solution provider, S-1 (CEO Yuk Hyun-pyo), announced that it hosted the '4th Da-Ring Relief Campaign' to support crime victims and their families on October 14 at Seoul Children's Grand Park.

The Da-Ring Relief Campaign was organized by S-1 and the Korean Crime Victims Support Association with the aim of encouraging social interest in and support for crime victims and their families. Da-Ring is a Korean compound word of ‘Da’ (meaning All) and ‘Ring’ symbolizing that everyone becomes ‘One’ in a ‘Circle’ that has a single goal.

A month before the event, which was held the 4th time this year, S-1 and the Korean Crime Victims Support Association started the online campaign first in a Naver section to introduce the purpose of the Da-Ring Relief Campaign. Through the Da-Ring Relief Campaign, they publicized the changes that occurred to victims and raised the support funds by crowdfunding and selling various souvenirs. They also received applications from citizens for participation in the Da-Ring Relief Campaign.

More than 2,000 people, including employees of S-1, their families, the families of crime victims and citizens who pre-registered online for the event, participated in the event held on October 14. The campaign, which was held from 1:00pm through 6:00pm at Seoul Children's Grand Park, included a walkathon for fundraising, and events like the Da-Ring Tree of Hope Message event and the Relief Concert.

The co-host, Yuk Hyun-pyo, CEO of S-1, and Kim Gap-sik, president of the Korean Crime Victims Support Association, presented greetings, and Park Sang-ki, Minister of Justice, offered words of encouragement to open the event. The opening featured a mime performance which showed how crime victims take courage from the Da-Ring Relief Campaign, which was well received by the participants.

In the walkathon that followed, KRW10,000 was donated for each person who completed the 3km course that wound around Seoul Children's Grand Park. The donations from the walkathon participants and the support fund from S-1 were both delivered to the Korean Crime Victims Support Association in a special ceremony.

During the Relief Concert, which was held at the end of the event, Bascussion, a brass band, gave all who attended a very entertaining performance. Also, the booths publicizing crime victims and support given to them, and the experience booths, which allowed victims to share their experiences so participants could sympathize with them were installed here and there at the venue. All of the booths attracted the attention of the attendees.

"As I share the purpose of the campaign, I participate in it every year," said a citizen who participated in the campaign. "I hope that more people will participate in the campaign and we can give more help to crime victims."

In addition, S-1 hosted the Da-Ring Youth Camp last February to support the youths who were victimized by crimes, and conducted sharing activities to improve the residential environment of the households victimized by crimes. The company is continuously supporting crime victims and their families.

"Every year many citizens get an opportunity to sympathize with crime victims by participating in the campaign," said Park Joon-seong, head of the Administration Department at S-1. "S-1 is not interested in one-off support, but we are planning to continuously carry out the campaign to increase interest in crime victims to help them heal."