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Title S-1 introduces state-of-the-art security solutions at its ‘5th Security Solution Fair.'
Upload Date 09-26-2017

The total security solution provider, S-1 (CEO Yook Hyun-pyo), hosted its annual ‘Security Fair 2017’ for 3 days from September 20 at the Booyoung Taepyung Building (Plateau Art gallery in the formerly Samsung Life Insurance Building), located in Jung-gu, Seoul.

The 5th Security Solution Fair was an expo specializing in security solutions. Officials from domestic and overseas companies and public institutions were invited to attend. The slogan for this year was ‘the City of S-1,’ which was meant to imply that S-1 would introduce solutions for the security of an entire city. The fair broke free from the old way of introducing individual products by transforming into an expo in which people could experience the overall security infrastructure of an entire city.

The exhibition space was divided into four sections: The integrated solution section where S-1’s core system was displayed, the ‘CLES’ section where the next-generation access control solution was introduced, the Harman AV solution section where visitors could experience various AV systems, and the cooperative integrated solution section where partners of S-1 displayed their products and technologies.

For starters, the integrated solution section featured S-1’s core systems such as its intelligent CCTV 'SVMS' and access control system 'ACCESS’. In particular, the ‘City Model’, which uses AR (augmented reality) to allow you to look at all S-1 services at a glance, attracted attention. The City Model consisted of one-meter square 3D models of key facilities like residential areas, ports, buildings, and roads. This enables one to use a smartphone and large display to see the services of S-1 available in various places of the city through AR (augmented reality).

In the next section, S-1’s next-generation integrated access control solution CLES was displayed. This product includes the face recognition Speed Gate, visitor access control, a function to check the entire building, and mobile ID cards. In particular, CLES uses state-of-the-art security technologies, such as face recognition, and latest trends to reinforce the security and convenience of access control.

At the expo, an event for the official launching of CLES was held, and visitors could experience the functions of CLES in person.

The AV solution section for Harman, an audio specialist, was prepared as well. The ‘conference room automation solution,’ which makes it possible to automatically control the video and audio of the conference room according to schedule, was introduced, and there also was a space where visitors could experience the lighting and audio system.

In addition, a solution that combines S-1’s automatic accident detection system for tunnels with Harman’s lighting and emergency broadcast system to prevent accidents in tunnels more effectively was introduced.

S-1 partners’ products and technologies were displayed as well. As most of S1’s partners are SMEs they do not have many opportunities to publicize their products even though they have outstanding technologies. For the sake of co-prosperity with its partners, S-1 prepared a separate exhibition space at this expo so that they could publicize their excellent competencies.

"As the concept of the Smart City has spread widely in recent years, the importance of integrated solutions is ever growing in the security industry," said Kim Jong-guk, SP (Security Provider) Business Division at S-1. "We planned this expo with the aim of introducing these security trends to customers, and demonstrate S-1’s competencies."