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Title S-1 completes construction of a motorcycle training center, the 'Bike School'
Upload Date 08-02-2017

The Total Security Solution Provider, S-1 (CEO Yuk Hyun-pyo), announced that it has completed construction of its ‘S-1 Bike School’ on July 25. This special school was established to instruct patrol agents how to more safely operate their motorcycles and help establish a safe traffic culture.

The programs in most of the existing traffic safety education facilities in Korea focus on four-wheeled vehicles. And even if there is a motorcycle education facility, it will have only a few skill courses. So, until now, there had been relatively few opportunities to learn about safe motorcycle driving. Meanwhile, as the S-1 Bike School specializes in motorcycles, it is expected to provide professional and comprehensive motorcycle education.

The new S-1 Bike School at the S-1 Training Center in Cheonan covers about 2,900-pyeong (approx. 10,000m2). The curriculum consists of no fewer than seven skill courses, which cover the basics of motorcycle operation, and 13 field courses, including a roundabout, sharp turn and gravel road of the sort that we can experience when riding, so realistic practice is possible.

As patrol agents can practice in environments identical to actual patrol situations, it is expected that the patrol agents will achieve a high level of safety and professionalism, and service quality will be enhanced due to quicker mobilization.

S-1 is a security company that operates a large number of patrol motorcycles. The company has stated that the purpose of the S-1 Bike School is to contribute to establishing a safe traffic culture by sharing the safe driving know-how it has accumulated over the years.

According to traffic accident data released by the police, the number of motorcycle accidents in Korea in 2005 was 5,596, but, unfortunately, by 2015 the number had more than doubled to 12,654. Also, 44% of accidents involved people under the age of 30. As the number of delivery app companies and delivery agencies has increased, competition among them in delivery speed has been one of the causes of the increased number of motorcycle accidents. Due to the characteristics of motorcycles, accidents involving them are highly fatal. According to a police analysis of traffic accidents in 2015, the fatality rate of passenger car accidents was 1.58%, but that of motorcycles was a whopping 3.17%. This is why S-1 is focusing on safe motorcycle driving education.

The S-1 Bike School offers professional motorcycle education courses, combining theory and practice, to S-1 patrol agents who actually drive patrol motorcycles. The company is planning to provide the training to not only more than 1,000 S-1 employees a year but also to companies operating delivery motorcycles, suppliers and general customers in an effort to establish a safe traffic culture in Korea.

"To S-1 that works for the safety and security of customers, traffic safety is a basic concern that cannot be compromised," said Song Dae-gon, Assistant Director of the S-1 Training Center. "With the opening of the S-1 Bike School, all our employees will strive to establish a safe traffic culture."