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Title S-1 holds the end-of-year ceremony for sharing with the underprivileged
Upload Date 12-29-2018

S-1 has been holding a special end-of-year ceremony for 10 consecutive years to help the underprivileged stay warm in winter and end the year. S-1 (CEO Yook Hyun-pyo), a total security solution provider, said on December 28 that it held the ‘sharing end-of-year ceremony together with the underprivileged in the local community.

S-1’s special end-of-year ceremony started when the company delivered the rice, which was received instead of wreaths, to senior citizens living alone at the anniversary ceremony of 2009. Since then, the company departed from the perfunctory end-of-year ceremony and has been holding the end-of-year ceremony for sharing with people in need for 10 years. They visited social welfare facilities, cooked foods and served them to the children in these facilities, and supported heating costs to give more help the underprivileged. The company has been increasing the beneficiaries year after year.

This year S-1 made stationery kits for children in community child centers. More than 100 people, including executives, such as Mr. Yook Hyun-pyo, CEO of S-1, and department heads, attended the sharing end-of-year ceremony of 2018 held in the head office of S-1 on December 28. S-1 employees made 1500 stationery kits containing stationery like notebooks, pencil cases and colored pencils, and snacks. The employees carried the stationery kits in person, and delivered them to 56 community child centers.

Also, S-1 delivered money for heating costs so that low-income families can stay warm in winter. The company gave KRW170 million for heating costs in winter to 531 low-income households, which were recommended by the volunteers of S-1 branches and the Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers. The heating costs were raised by the voluntary donations of employees and the money donated by the company.

In addition to the head office, the S-1 business teams and branches around the country held various sharing events. S-1 employees visited local welfare facilities and senior citizens living alone, and delivered daily necessities to them.

Mr. Park Joon-seong, Management Support Department of S-1, who attended the sharing end-of-year ceremony, said, "As a total security solution provider, S-1 will continue to help the underprivileged in the local community to make a society in which everyone can live in a secure environment."