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Security Solutions

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Providing best solutions
Total Solution Provider

S-1’s Business Solution Unit provide optimal,
customized solutions to our customers with
efficiency in operational supporting function

Introduction to business

  • Various Security

    S-1 provides state of the art total security solutions from access control, video surveillance, perimeter detection and integrated control center.

  • Special Video analytics
    (safety environment solution)

    Our intelligent video solution, developed by our own research center, through customer’s voice, detects early signs of various anti environment safety causes, (especially in manufacturing sites)

  • Telecommunication Infra
    Solution connecting devices to
    the command center

    S-1 provides communication/network ELV facilities related to security/safety within customers’ facilities, such as emergency/alert broadcasting, video display systems and wired/wireless network systems
    * ELV: Extra Low Voltage

  • Operation support

    S-1’s intelligent video technology and sensor technology enhances customers’ operations to achieve value of their business.


  • State of the art technologies Image
    State of the art technologies
    • S-1 has the state of the art technology in image processing and face recognition algorithms.
    • S-1 provides prompt customization and offers reasonable prices based on the proprietary technologies it developed on its own.
    • S-1 continuously improves system performance by constant developing technologies and applying strict quality control program.
  • Optimal system design Image
    Optimal system design
    • Professional engineers provide customized risk diagnostics and consulting.
    • S-1 provides customized systems optimized for each customers’ facilities.
    • S-1 minimizes dead zones by designing security system operations to be as thoroughly comprehensive as possible.
  • Installation/managment competencies both local and abroad Image
    Installation/managment competencies both local and abroad
    • S-1 has professional construction experience based on many years of construction experience both at home and abroad.
    • S-1 has software vendor qualifications, ISO certifications and licenses.
    • Quality assurance and zero-defect construction
  • Systematic maintenance Image
    Systematic maintenance
    • S-1 utilizes its national service network to promptly visit sites and take necessary measures.
    • S-1 provides technical advice for long-term system improvement.
    • S-1 has global partners to whom S-1 transfer our technology and maintenance know hows.

S-1’s service scope

S-1 provides full range of services from professional consulting to precision design, economical procurement, high-quality installation and stable maintenance in order to implement the best solutions for each customer’s site ompt customization

  1. STEP 01 Consulting
  2. STEP 02 Engineering
  3. STEP 03 Procurement
  4. STEP 04 Instllation
  5. STEP 05 Maintenance
  • Consulting
    • Professional consulting methodology Environment analysis, TVRA report, Basic concept design, Detailed security design , Bill of material( specifications) and lastly budget calculation and Training and operational manual.
    • The best solutions and system specifications are proposed in accordance with the evaluated security level and compared to global references.

    ※ Major References: Security Consulting for oil Refinery in Korea, Bahrain City surveillance system upgrading consultation
    Korea Aiport corporation access control system consultation, Umcity, Malaysia complex security consulting. Korea Border

  • Engineering
    • Optimal design based on S-1’s proprietary design methodology
      - Utilizing standard design criteria by business category, and standard BOM by solution
    • System design by situation based on global security regulations
      - HCIS: Security regulations of Saudi Arabia’s; CICPA: Security regulations of the UAE

    ※ Major References: Kuwait KNPC Plants, Singapore LNG terminal, Australia Royhill mining, Korea Borderline, Iraq Badra, Iraq zubair oil refinary

  • Procurement
    • Collaboration with domestic and overseas partners
      - Partnering with over 200 specialists in the security and communication industry
    • Securing competitiveness in product purchasing through global bases
      - Headquarters in Korea, China, Singapore, the UAE, etc.

    ※ Major References: Roy Hill Mine in Australia, Korea Border, Kuwait KNPC Plants, Singapore LNG terminal Iraq Badra, Iraq zubair oil refinary

  • Installation
    • Securing local installation PM pool through 7 global entities
      - over 100 overseas PMs and more than 500 vendors
    • Installation deadlines consistently met by systematically managing processes and quality

    ※ Major References: Korea border, Samsung Group overseas pjts, Roy Hill Mine in Australia, Kuwait KNPC Plants, Singapore LNG terminal Iraq Badra, Iraq zubair oil refinary

  • Maintenance
    • Exclusively in charge of the security system of the Samsung Group
    • 24-hour call center operations
      - Provides support through a dedicated maintenance organization and vendors
    • Samsung Group security system maintenance
    • System support for local partners: System installation, Operational manuals
    • Training center available for our partners


S-1 has solutions for different business categories of customers. S-1 provides solutions optimized for various sectors, e.g. important public sectors (building, airport, plant, city) military sectors (border, national security))


S-1 has more than 200 purchasing channels both local and abroad. S-1 has over 500 partners. The company plays the role of Total Solution Provider in security/communication/safety.

Security sector

  • Video surveillance -
    CCTV, video storage media

    BOSCH, SONY, Honeywell, SYNETICS, Panasonic, IDIS, PELCO, Hanwha Techwin

  • Access control -
    readers, Speed Gates, X-ray scanners, etc.

    Automatic Systems, GALLAGHER, NECTARSOFT, Smiths Detection, Suprema, GUNNEBO, BOSCH

  • Perimeter detection -
    Optical cable sensors, tension sensors, microwave sensors, etc.


  • Integrated control/operation -
    PSIM, VMS, security asset management software, etc.

    VidSys, Milestone, Igloo Security, BOSCH, Honeywell

Communication sector

  • Network equipment,
    broadcasting system (PA), IP-PBX, etc.

    Alcatel-Lucent, BOSCH, NEC, CISCO, Extreme networks, Samsung Electronics, Dasan Networks


  • Parking management, AV equipment,
    asset management, information security, etc.