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Real Estate Consulting

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consulting services

We provide a single source for a wide variety of services
according to the life cycle of the building and based on
our depth of expertise.


The brand of the building management solution
that combines the color symbolizing Samsung and S-1 「Blue 」 and
「Assets 」 representing customers’ assets

  • Lease consulting

    We leverage our expertise with various
    lease-related activities to provide customized
    lease consulting that meets customer needs
    for all kinds of real estate developments
    from offices to retail.

  • Purchase and sale consulting

    We use our key real estate networks at home
    and abroad to reinforce business
    competitiveness, and as our professionals
    systematically collect all kinds of market data,
    we can provide highly reliable purchase/sales
    consulting service.

  • Technical consulting

    Technical consulting is a Value Providing
    Service that improves the value of real estate.
    From the project planning and design stages,
    we are capitalizing on our expert FM
    knowledge to improve the efficiency,
    convenience and economy of facility operations.

System diagram

  1. Planning/
    • Investment consulting
    • Purchasing consulting
  2. Planning/
    • Technical consulting
  3. Marketing
    • Lease consulting
  4. Operation
    • Property Management
    • Facility Management
    • Energy efficiency improvement
    • Building security system
  5. Sales/
    • Sales consulting

Service Features

  • Largest lease DB in Korea Image
    Largest lease DB in Korea

    We capitalize on the lease information of over 3,000 buildings around the country to provide the best rental space.

  • Providing comprehensive solutions Image
    Providing comprehensive solutions

    We provide total solutions for all stages of the real estate value chain from planning/purchasing to construction, operation and sale/disposition.

  • High-rise building projects and global projects Image
    High-rise building projects and global projects

    We have consulting experience in the construction of high-rise multi-purpose buildings taller than 100 stories (Lotte World Tower, Haeundae LCT and Incheon 151 Tower) and the Malaysia SJ-7v project.

  • Alliance with overseas leading enterprises Image
    Alliance with overseas leading enterprises

    We have conducted projects in alliance with overseas leading enterprises, e.g. Mori Building (Japan), Mitsui Real Estate (Japan) and CBRE (US) (high-rise building management and operation plans, Samsung Seocho Complex, etc.)

Key services

Lease consulting

Lease consulting Key services
Consulting for lessors
  • Determining appropriate rents/selecting buildings
  • PR, marketing/adjustment of detailed lease conditions
  • Recruiting lessees/selecting the best buildings
Consulting for lessees
  • Determining appropriate rents/selecting buildings
  • Adjustment of detailed lease conditions and providing additional services (interior, etc.)
  • Follow-up management/contract termination support

Purchase and sale consulting

Purchase and sale consulting Key services
Consulting for acquisition and disposition of real estate
  • Due diligence reports using advanced techniques, valuation, providing consulting on development, operation, acquisition/disposition and decision-making
  • Minimizing investment risks and supporting stable revenues
  • Assessing the appropriate value of the real estate when assets purchased/sold
Real estate investment consulting
  • Proposing the best investment plan and providing consulting on financial products related to real estate
  • Real estate financing and valuation experts propose the intrinsic value of the real estate.
  • Providing the best asset management solutions and Asset Repositioning service
Real estate research
  • Providing Customized Market Study & Analysis and real estate Trends analysis
  • Publishing quarterly reports on real estate market trends
  • Hosting various seminars and publishing research data

Technical consulting

Technical consulting Key services
Architectural design consulting
  • Design concept diagnosis consulting
  • Remodeling concept consulting
  • Investment cost and maintenance cost reduction consulting
Operations consulting
  • Efficient real estate management and operation and facility diagnosis consulting
  • Due Diligence Report (DDR)
  • Disaster management consulting and risk management consulting
Special facilities consulting
  • Providing consulting on the design and operation of hospitals, hotels, research centers, sports centers and training facilities