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Office Buildings

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Over 30 years of Building experiences
with state of the art security systems

S-1 implements world-class state-of-the-art security systems
perfectly fit for office buildings.

System diagram

  • Safety environment

    Facility monitoring and control
    Fire monitoring IP cameras, thermal
    imaging cameras, gas leakage sensors,
    solutions for identifying locked
    persons, automated external
    defibrillator (AED)

  • Access control

    Large-scale access control system
    Biometric access authentication system
    Visitor management system
    Speed Gate Intelligent parking
    management system

  • Video surveillance and integrated control

    Intelligent video surveillance
    UHD IP camera systems
    Physical Security Information Management

  • Counter-terrorism

    Road blocks
    Blast-proof windows
    X-ray scanners, metal detectors
    Video recognition of dangerous
    objects left unattended

  • Information security

    Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)
    Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    Output Security Solutions
    Output Leakage detection
    PC access control and access information interworking

  • Intrusion detection

    Indoor/Outdoor Intrusion sensors
    Intelligent perimeter
    surveillance system

  • Telecommunication infrastructure

    Wired/wireless network
    PBX and interphones
    Public address system
    Conference room system
    (video conferencing)

Key services

  • Video surveillance, Integrated control Image
    Video surveillance & Integrated control
    • Intelligent video surveillance A Smart Video Management System (SVMS) that provides high-performance, operational efficiency and intelligent video recognition and monitoring
    • UHD IP camera system UHD IP, 360° HD fisheye and Wide View High Definition (WVHD) cameras, etc.
    • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) An integrated situation management software platform for integrating and analyzing of heterogeneous systems, making judgments and providing proper measures
  • Counter-terrorism Image
    • Road blocks Bollards, road blockers, tire killers, barriers, etc.
    • Blast-proof windows Windows that can protect the internal area from external explosion
    • Screening equipment including X-ray scanners and metal detectors High-performance X-ray, metal detection gates, hand-held metal-detecting scanners, full-body scanners, shoe scanners, etc.
    • Video recognition of dangerous objects left unattended Visually recognizes objects left unattended for a long period of time
  • Information protection Image
    Information protection
    • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) Real-time detection, logging, analysis and blocking of abnormal packets of Wi-Fi signals within the building area.
    • Mobile security (MDM, Mobile Device Management) Mobile handset/device security, e.g. restriction of the use of mobile phones in security zones and detection of details of mobile phone data transaction
    • Document Print security (Employee ID card authentication multi-function printer) Restriction of multi-function printers interfacing with biometric detection systems, such as employee ID card recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and insertion of watermarks
    • Document security Paper inserted with RF Tag (NFC chip) to detect the taking-out of printouts
    • PC access control with access information Recognizes people accessing PCs by monitoring access and PC login information
  • Communication infrastructure Image
    Communication infrastructure
    • Wired and wireless networks Network routers/switches, intrusion detection equipment, firewalls, Wi-Fi AP, FRS/TRS radio, etc. ※FRS: Federal Radio Service, TRS: Trunked Radio Service
    • Interphones, PBX IP-PBX and IP-Telephony
    • Public address system Public address systems, Indoor/Outdoor speakers, sound reinforcement, etc.
    • Conference room system (video conferencing) Microphone speakers for conference rooms, echo cancellers, etc.
  • Safe environment Image
    Safe environment
    • Facility monitoring control Elevator operation monitoring and control, HVAC system monitoring and control, lighting control, etc.
    • Fire monitoring with thermal imaging cameras Fire detection using HD thermal imaging cameras and intelligent video recognition technology
    • Fire and gas leakage sensors Fire control panels to which fire detectors and gas leak detectors are interfaced
    • Solution for locating persons locked within the danger zone Solution for locating and identifying persons trapped or otherwise locked in a building or facility premises during a fire or chemical leak
    • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) An emergency medical device for resuscitating persons stricken by a sudden cardiac failure by administering an electric shock
  • Access control Image
    Access control
    • Large-scale access control system One controller can control access up to 128 doors and register 200,000 visitors
    • Biometric access authentication Multiple biometric solutions provided, such as fingerprint, iris, vein and face recognition
    • Management of visitors Unmanned kiosks for visitors and sign pads for visitors
    • Speed gates Smart access control and face recognition speed gates
    • Intelligent parking management Video surveillance of vehicles, monitoring of parking spaces, recognition of license plate numbers, emergency buttons for parking lots and unmanned parking fee collection
  • Intrusion detection Image
    Intrusion detection
    • Indoor/Outdoor Intrusion sensors Multiple sensors: Infrared, passive infrared, magnetic and UWB
    • Intelligent perimeter surveillance system Fence-type Fiber Optics Mesh Sensors providing the best security performance
      Fence Radar Sensors based on military radar technology


  • Samsung Group Seocho Town Image
    Samsung Group Seocho Town
    • When


    • Client

      Samsung Group

    • Solutions provided

      Access control, vehicle management, protection & detection, video management, communication security, AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

    • Consulting

      Environmental analysis, risk management, system analysis

    • Scope of work

      Consultation, design, installation

  • Busan Haeundae IPark Image
    Busan Haeundae IPark
    • When


    • Client

      Hyundai Development Company

    • Consulting

      Environmental analysis, risk management, system analysis

    • Scope of work