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Provide the best fit
marine transportation systems

We provide integrated marine transportation systems
optimized for the safety of vessels and physical distribution
at the ports

System diagram

  • Access control

    Large-scale access control system
    Biometric access authentication system
    Visitor management system
    Speed Gate
    Intelligent parking management system

  • Perimeter detection

    Perimeter fence detection
    Fence-type radar

  • Video surveillance

    Intelligent video surveillance
    UHD IP camera system

  • Counter-terrorism

    Under-vehicle inspection system
    X-ray for container screening
    X-ray for detection of explosives

  • Integrated Marine
    Traffic Facility Management

    Aids to navigation facilities integrated management system Maritime Meteorological Observation System

Key services

  • Video surveillance Image
    Video surveillance
    • Intelligent video surveillance A Smart Video Management System (SVMS) that provides high-performance, operational efficiency and intelligent video recognition and monitoring
    • UHD IP camera IP, 360° HD fisheye and Wide View High Definition (WVHD) cameras, etc.
    • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) An integrated situation management software platform for integrating and analyzing of heterogeneous systems, making judgments and providing proper measures
  • Access control Image
    Access control
    • Biometric access authentication Multiple biometric solutions, such as face, fingerprint, iris and vein recognition
    • Management of visitors Unmanned kiosks for visitors and sign pads for visitors
    • Speed gates Smart access control speed gate and face recognition speed gate
    • Intelligent parking management Video surveillance of flow of vehicles, parking space monitoring, recognition of license plate numbers, parking lot emergency buttons and unmanned parking lot system
  • Counter-terrorism Image
    • Under-Vehicle Inspection System Screens for articles hidden under vehicles at the check points
    • X-ray screening of shipping containers Screens for weapons, narcotics and contraband hidden inside shipping containers
    • X-ray exclusively for detecting explosives Specialized X-ray screens for explosives and weapons hidden inside baggage
  • Perimeter surveillance Image
    Perimeter surveillance
    • Perimeter fence detection Tension sensors, optical cable sensors, optical network sensors, infrared sensors, magnetic sensors, etc.
    • Fence-type radar Robust fence-type radar sensors minimize false alarms as military radar technology is used
  • Integrated management of maritime transportation facilities Image
    Integrated management of maritime transportation facilities
    • Aids to navigation facilities integrated management system A system for efficient management of aids to navigate facilities (lighthouses, lighted buoys, light beacons, etc.)
    • Maritime Meteorological Observation System A meteorological sensor is mounted on the buoy to automatically observe weather and marine conditions


  • New Busan Port Image
    New Busan Port
    • When


    • Client

      Hyundai E&C

    • Solutions provided

      Communication, video surveillance, intrusion detection, CCTV, optical network

    • Scope of work

      Consulting, design, construction

  • New Yeosu Port Image
    New Yeosu Port
    • When


    • Client

      Yeosu Regional Maritime Affairs & Port Office

    • Solutions provided

      Aids for the integrated navigation management system

    • Scope of work

      Consulting, design, construction