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  • 2011 ~ Now

    • 2018
      • 06The '5th Daring Ansim Campaign' to help victims of crime
    • 2017
      • 1140th anniversary
      • 10The '4th Daring Ansim Campaign' to help victims of crime
      • 09Held the '5th S-1 Security Solution Fair', a cutting-edge security exhibition
      • 07Won the grand prize in the building management category at Korea Service Grand Prix for 2 consecutive years
      • 05 Completed the construction of the 'Bike School', a motorcycle education center
      • 03Opened the Vietnamese subsidiary
    • 2016
      • 12Received the Minister of Justice citation (for contributions to support for crime victims, etc.)
      • 10The '3rd Daring Ansim Campaign' to help victims of crime
      • 07The 'Sharing Energy Challenge' to support the energy-poor
      • 06Won the grand prize in the building management category at Korea Service Grand Prix
      • 03Opened the Blue Asset Technical Training Center
      • 03S1's safety and environment 2D & 3D intelligent image analysis solution wins iR52 Jang Young-shil Award
    • 2015
      • 11Acquired ISO 9001 (Quality Management System),
        ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)
      • 11S-1SVMS acquired the highest-level CPNI certification from the UK government
      • 10The '2nd Daring Ansim Campaign' to help victims of crime
      • 09Entered into the MOU with SK Telecom for partnership in the smart home business
      • 08Entered into the contract with OPTEX for the supply of UWB to Americas
      • 08Launched new brand name for building management solution 'Blue Asset'
      • 02Launched Ahnsim LTE Phone
    • 2014
      • 10The '1st Daring Ansim Campaign' to help victims of crime
      • 09Entered into the MOU for the security and safety project for protection of the underprivileged citizens of Seoul
        in terms of safety
      • 04Launched S1 UVIS Service
        - Fleet Operation Management System using GPS system
      • 02Launched Ahnsim Smart Phone Service - a personal security smart phone
      • 01Launched Building Management Solution Business
    • 2013
      • 11Acquired Building Maintenance Service
      • 10Launched S-1 PS - a endpoint security service
      • 09Launched Ahnsim Phone Service - a personal security phone
      • 08Launched SECOM Dual - a wire-wireless security system
      • 06Launched SECOM Homeblackbox
        - a security system exclusively for multi-unit residenents
      • 05Launched Safetalk - a mobile device security
      • 04Launched Facecheck S - a face recognition system
      • 01Launched high-performance network video surveillance system
        (IP camera + NVR)
    • 2012
      • 11 Top honors in the commerce and consumer service sectors of
        the 'Green Rankings', a green building rating system
        Launched UVIS - a vehicle management system Opened S1’s "one step" study room
        : an educational support for low income youngsters
      • 06Construction of leading edge security training center completed
      • 01Launched SECOM Homes
        - a security system exclusively for multi-unit residents
    • 2011
      • 10Launched ZenieCalli
        - a mobile phone exclusively for location-based security service
      • 09Established a local subsidiary in China
        (SBSS: Samsung Beijing Security Systems)
      • 05'2011 Transparent Management Grand Prize' awarded
        by the Korean Accounting Association Held a declaration ceremony of law-abiding management
      • 03Ranked first in brand power company for 6 consecutive years
      • 02Launched ZenieCallS
        More than 20,000 people received CPR education from the Ansim Nuri(Peaceful World) Volunteer Corps
      • 01Huen Home Network System received Germany's iF Design Award
  • 2000 ~ 2010

    • 2010
      • 12Received a Good Design Award
        from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
      • 11Signed the agreement with the Korean Association of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Launched Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
      • 10(SECOM Card Reader, and Huen Home Network System)
      • 09Launched SECOM NS, a network security service
      • 05Launched Huen Tango View, the video security robotic vacuum cleaner
      • 03Established the Ansim Nuri(Peaceful World) Volunteer Corps
      • 02Launched ZenieCallA, the mobile security application for
        location-based security service
    • 2009
      • 1132nd anniversary and declared the "Vision 2020"
      • 08Declared a green management policy
      • 06Launched SECOM Master - integrated building management system, 'Born for larger responsibilities'
      • 04Launched SECOM V Premium - intelligent video surveillance system
      • 03Established the technology research center in Russia
    • 2008
      • 11 Completed Integrated Security System for Defense Security Command Completed Security System for Seocho Samsung Tower
      • 04Completed Marine Safety Management System(USN)
    • 2007
      • 11Commemorated 30th Anniversary
      • 09GPS system installation for Patrol Cars
      • 05Awarded a decoration from the National Youth Committee for Youth Protection activities
      • 04Launched the Secom Fingerprint Recognition System
    • 2006
      • 11Launched Secom View, an Image Monitoring System
      • 06Acquired FIPS certification from the US federal government
      • 05 Awarded for establishing an RFID logistics testing system, the Ministry of National Unification Awarded for the cultural treasure security management system for Bulguksa, an invaluable historical Buddhist temple complex
    • 2005
      • 10Launched an infrared camera system
      • 06Awarded the Visa Smart card Prize, third, in the world history of the prize and, first in Asia
    • 2004
      • 05Launched Anyguard, a mobile security service using
        GPS technology
      • 04Signed a joint venture with DATACARD for smartcard technology
      • 03Acquired Smart card EMV certification from VISA
      • 02Signed a joint venture for a wireless security system
        with Visonic Inc. of Israel
    • 2003
      • 12Launched the priority response service for the 114 emergency telephone service
      • 07Developed a wireless security monitoring system using PDAs
      • 06Launched Smart Fingerprinting system
      • 02Selected by the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearing Institute to be the software developer for the Korean electronic monetary system. "K Cash"
    • 2002
      • 08Developed the world's first Chip Operating System for smartcards
      • 07Opened "Secom World" at S1 headquarters to
        showcase our technology
      • 06Established the Seoul Integrated Control Center and
        the Disaster Recovery System
      • 04Developed a Fingerprint Recognition System using smart cards
    • 2001
      • 08Developed fingerprint RF card readers
      • 03Published the 20th anniversary history booklet
    • 2000
      • 11Signed a joint venture for smart card business with Samsung Card
      • 09Launched ePass Combi, an intelligent Access Control System
      • 05Selected by the Korea Stock Exchange as a distinguished public corporation
      • 02Signed a joint security venture with DACOM, an ultra-speed internet company
  • 1990 ~ 1999

    • 1999
      • 12Established the Crime Prevention Research Center
      • 11Launched a Building Master System
      • 10Acquired Y2K certification
      • 06Received the first order for TAS-I, a Total Apartment System, from Yong-in Ssang-yong apartments
      • 01Founded the S1 Taekwondo team Established the S-Tech Corporation, a spin-off from S1
    • 1998
      • 11Established the Cheon-an Specialty Security Training Facility
      • 10Acquired ISO 9001 certification
      • 05Reached 100,000 contractors, first in the country
    • 1997
      • 12Acquired ISO 9002 certification
      • 09Samsung 3119 Rescue team selected as the first civilian emergency rescue institute in the county
      • 08Received an order for establishment of an unmanned alarm system at an ROK airbase
      • 06Held an international security forum
      • 04Completed a state of the art automated logistics center
      • 02Established S1's website, the first in the industry
    • 1996
      • 10Developed a residential security system
      • 03Changed the company name from Korea Safety System to S1
      • 01Listed on the stock exchange
    • 1995
      • 12Initial Public Offering, first in the industry
      • 10Founded Samsung 3119 Rescue team
    • 1994
      • 11Designated as the information communication enterprise by Korea Telecom
    • 1993
      • 08Followed and registered for the inspection of fire prevention first in the industry
      • 05Founded the Technical Research Center
    • 1992
      • 12Reached 30,000 Customers
    • 1991
      • 08Reached 20,000 Customers
    • 1990
      • 05Developed the security system for the financial sector(primarily banks)
  • Establishment ~ 1980

    • 1989
      • 12Reached 10,000 Customers
      • 11Joined the International Surveillance Association as the representative of Korea
    • 1987
      • 11Developed a Control Monitoring Center SW Program
    • 1986
      • 12Established national system network connected in one command control center
    • 1985
      • 05Reached 1,000 customers
    • 1981
      • 03Started a security monitoring system service business, first in the country
      • 01Changed the company name to Korea Safety System Inc