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S-1 and Kakao Mobility launch unmanned parking solution
CLASSIFICATIONNews Upload Date2020.06.23 Views146

S-1 (CEO Noh Hee-chan), Korea’s leading total security solution provider, announced on June 23 that the company has joined hands with Kakao Mobility (CEO Ryu Geung-seon) to launch an unmanned parking solution that combines S-1’s building management and parking lot operation know-how with Kakao Talk parking service.


In 2018, S-1 signed an MOU to form a ‘partnership to provide smart parking service’. The company then launched an unmanned parking solution that combines remote response and emergency dispatch using Kakao Talk Parking through continuous collaboration.

The biggest characteristic of S-1’s unmanned parking solution is user ‘convenience’. As it is a Kakao Talk app-based service, when a user selects the parking lot he/she desires, the Kakao navigation app will automatically activate and provide route guidance. As payment data is entered in advance, payment is made automatically, so the car can be driven out of the parking lot easily.

The S-1 unmanned parking solution also provides various services so that not only users, but also managers can conveniently operate the parking lot. The solution makes it possible to adjust the available parking spaces by day of the week and time slot. For example, building managers can use the Kakao Talk system to reserve a set number of parking spaces for the employees of tenants on weekdays but then make them freely available during the weekends.

Significantly, as it is possible to inspect and update parking facilities remotely, management costs can be reduced as well. And in an emergency like a failure of a parking facility or a fire, S-1 can quickly dispatch emergency personnel from any of a 100 or so locations around the country to take care of the situation quickly.

With the launch of the unmanned parking solution, S-1 said it will further reinforce its collaboration with Kakao Mobility.